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Fitness and Older Adults

As we age, medical studies prove again and again that remaining active in our later years is the key to staying healthy. Being active also has been linked to longevity.

Diakon emphasizes the “living” part of senior living. As such, Diakon senior living communities promote a variety of social and exercise programs as well as health-focused educational events targeted to older adults to help them achieve and maintain good health. Fitness professionals administer these programs and could provide tips on diet information or developing an exercise program for the older adult, as well as information on how fitness plays a vital role in leading a quality lifestyle in later years.

Using Nature to Help Redirect Youths Who Have Taken the Wrong Path

The Diakon Wilderness Center accepts youths from many parts of Pennsylvania who have been adjudicated by either the court system or county-based children and youth services. The site and its related programs, located on 170-forested acres in rural Cumberland County, Pa., utilize tools such as a 50-foot Alpine climbing tower, high- and low-ropes courses, 48-hour camping experience, and more to direct youths toward the path to personal growth and development, providing opportunities to overcome natural and self-made barriers.

Diakon Wilderness Center staff members can provide insight into how nature can help to turn a child’s life around.

Many Hands. One Heart.

Diakon adopted “Many Hands. One Heart.” as the organization's tagline. In doing this, Diakon launched a wide-scale broadcast and print advertising and educational effort designed to highlight the ways the organization’s staff members annually touch the lives of more than 70,000 persons.

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